My Bad

It has been pointed out here and here that, back in late 2007, when I put together a roundtable on POC in Fantasy, I linked coffeeandink’s real name to her blog on the second post in the series.

I do not actually remember the circumstances under which I did this.  If my recollection is correct, back then I didn’t know that C&I wanted to keep her sf/fan activities seperate from her real name.  This may account for the linkage.  What I can’t account for is why there was linkage on part 2 but not part 1.  This indicates that there may have been a mistake on my part.  I am honestly not sure.

I, however, take full responsibility for doing so.  I removed the link, as I was asked to (I wasn’t aware of those two posts until after I did it), and was happy to do so.  My apologies to coffeeandink for that blunder.

I am highly amused to find certain parties waving a flag around about this.  It would certainly be a really bad thing if I had purposefully linked the name to the LJ knowing coffeeandink didn’t want me to.  It would also be a bad thing if, after being asked to remove the link, I stomped all over the internet like Godzilla raging about how horrible everyone is for even hinting that I should do so.  Or demanding someone should throw me a parade because I complied.  Really now.

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4 thoughts on “My Bad

  1. Kathryn Cramer, of fail, fail, fail, and more fail, has saved a googlecache of the old webpage before you corrected it, and is linking to this post of yours and to the googlecache, apparently in order to show that … sheesh, I don’t know. That she is a person of the most complete fail?

  2. What flag is there to wave? While the road to hell may indeed be paved for good intentions, we certainly give a lot more credit for said intentions. A mistake is a far cry from a deliberate act.

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