My (Long Overdue) Thoughts on the Dollhouse Finale

Over at Fantasy Magazine:

Eliza Dushku has had the opportunity to dazzle us with the range of her acting over the course of this season. She did not. In this final episode she had one more chance to shine. She had a great example before her — Alan Tudyk as Alpha struggling with the different brains in his brain, switching smoothly between them without making it look hammy and overdone. Then he puts a ton of personalities into Echo’s head and Eliza gives us… well, the same vague “kick-ass chick” character she’s been playing for eleven previous episodes. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we never saw her switch between them. There was nothing to switch.

There’s… a lot more. It took me a whole week to write because every time I sat and thought about ti some more I was like, “Oh, and ALSO I hated this! And this!” Watch as I also compare the show to Family Guy and Heroes. Clicky for the fun!

2 thoughts on “My (Long Overdue) Thoughts on the Dollhouse Finale

  1. I agree. I’ve been waiting all season for this show to finally “happen” but it never did. I’m surprised that this concept was tied to this actress. And yet it has been picked up for season 2. At least this way, when we’re dissecting shows next year, we’ll already have some experience dissecting this one.

  2. Wow. I’ve not seen any of the show yet. Tudyk makes me want to watch it; the rest of what you have to say… not so much. Yikes.

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