My Shelf

I have a shelf on one of my bookcases where I put books and magazines my stories or non-fiction pieces appear. Recently this shelf grew a bit with the addition of stuff that debuted at WisCon. Though my shelf isn’t vast, I am prodigiously proud of it. Here’s a pic:

The Me Shelf

You can’t tell from the spines, but somewhere in there are copies of Farthing 2 and 3, a Cafe Irreal sampler with my story Elf Aware in it, and I think I cut off the rightmost book which was a showcase of award-winning writing from my high-school district. I has stuff from that far back, yes.

Those of you who actually come over to the site will note that on the left sidebar I put the covers of all the things I’m currently in because, OMG, look at all the beautiful covers. I can’t decide if EV or SG6 is my favorite zine cover and Federations is definitely my favorite anthology cover (but Interfictions remains awesome). I have lucked out quite a bit in the cover department.

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