Million Writers Award: Vote!

Million Writers Award: Vote!

Remember when I talked about the Million Writers Award notable list and how my story was on it? A few weeks ago Jason Sanford made his choices for the top 10 stories of the year and fellow Fluidian Kris Dikeman’s story “Nine Sundays In A Row” is on it! *confetti!*

There are only two genre stories on this list, and one of them is behind a subscriber lock (yes, it’s Peter Beagle, but I’m not tempted to pay for that issue…), so I’m sure that Kris’ will be more read. There are many good stories also in the top 10, so you should check it out. Then vote for the one you really think is the best. I’m sure you will agree with me that Kris’ story is far and away the winner. Vote!

(P. S. My story did make the short list, which is a yay for me! I have never been on anyone’s short list :) )

4 thoughts on “Million Writers Award: Vote!

  1. Hi Tempest,
    FYI “Intertropical Convergence Zone” by Nadia Bulkin is also genre: a horror story.

  2. I just read ‘Until Forgiveness Comes’, and… wow… That’s so powerful. I was holding my breath at the end. Beautiful.

    Congrats on making the short list, and I hope your friend wins. I’m going to check out Kris’ story now. :)

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