And Now For Something Completely Awesome

And Now For Something Completely Awesome

Hugo Award nominations were announced yesterday and this shiny book got a nod in the Best Related Work Category:

That’s right! Chicks Dig Time Lords is a Hugo nominated work! I am so incredibly happy, yay!

And, if I am allowed to say: well deserved! Lynne and Tara put together a really solid lineup and the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. I hope that remains the case as Hugo voting commences :)

On equally happy notes, I see a lot of friends scattered throughout the nominations, but I wanted to give a special shout out to fellow Altered Fluidians N. K. Jemisin and Saladin Ahmed. Ms. Jemisin’s first book, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, is on the best novel list and Mr. Ahmed is up for the Not A Hugo Campbell award for best new writer.

I posted the whole list over on the ABW and noted that there are quite a few women on the list, more POC than I’m used to seeing, and many “new” or young writers, which is an achievement for the Hugos. Can’t wait to see how the winners balance out on these fronts.

Million Writers Award: Vote!

Million Writers Award: Vote!

Remember when I talked about the Million Writers Award notable list and how my story was on it? A few weeks ago Jason Sanford made his choices for the top 10 stories of the year and fellow Fluidian Kris Dikeman’s story “Nine Sundays In A Row” is on it! *confetti!*

There are only two genre stories on this list, and one of them is behind a subscriber lock (yes, it’s Peter Beagle, but I’m not tempted to pay for that issue…), so I’m sure that Kris’ will be more read. There are many good stories also in the top 10, so you should check it out. Then vote for the one you really think is the best. I’m sure you will agree with me that Kris’ story is far and away the winner. Vote!

(P. S. My story did make the short list, which is a yay for me! I have never been on anyone’s short list :) )

Altered Fluid, The Blog!

Altered Fluid, The Blog!

Those of you who visit my main site may have noticed a new addition on the sidebar a few weeks ago — the RSS feed from the Altered Fluid blog.  Altered Fluid is one of my writing groups here in NYC, and we’re a damn talented bunch of people.  On our mailing list we often have very… interesting… conversations.  So we thought a group blog would be appropriate.

I think folks who read me would find things my fellow Fluidians have to say entertaining and interesting.  Especially Mr. Trimarco, as he always blows me away with his insights.  So add us to bookmarks or feed readers or LJ f-lists!

Fiction n’ Things

Fiction: The Plagiarist by Alex Rose.  Very interesting piece this week.

Thing: In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re back to doing an author spotlight for every story that goes up.  The lovely Ellen B. Wright has been in charge of those and is doing an excellent job of taking them beyond the standard questions I’d been asking before.  Very interesting stuff, particularly from this week’s author.

Fiction: Nine Sundays in a Row by Kris Dikeman. Fellow Altered Fluidian Kris has a story up at Strange Horizons this week. Check it out.

Thing: I just said “oh noes” on national radio.

I Have Not Yet Stopped Doing The Happy Snoopy Dance

I Have Not Yet Stopped Doing The Happy Snoopy Dance

A bit of most excellent news — yesterday I found out that Strange Horizons will publish my story Until Forgiveness Comes!  Yay!  SH is one of my favorite magazines and a market I really, really wanted to crack.  And that story is, I believe, one of the best I’ve ever written.

Apparently SH sent out a bunch of acceptances yesterday as I saw at least one mentioned on my flist and my fellow Altered Fluidian, Kris Dikeman, also got one.  I’m pretty sure AF is taking over markets one by one, as three or four of us have something coming up in Electric Velocipede as well.

I should also say that the story benefited tremendously from critiques from both Altered Fluid and, later, the Black Beans (who took a look at the revision I did for SH, mentioned here).  Big thanks, y’all :)

My story will come out in late 2008/early 2009, and I’ll definitely make mention when it does.  And next month my Podcastle story comes out.  Lots to look forward to.