8 thoughts on “My Story Is Up on Strange Horizons

  1. Lurker here … what a heartbreaking, wonderful story. I love how the parallels to the real world are drawn so gently that the story in no way comes across as a morality sledgehammer, and the detail and depth of the world-building is wonderful. The “news story” framing device could have been too gimmicky or cute if not well-handled, but I thought it worked very well. (And now I’m wondering if this is the same ‘verse as your Clarion West write-a-thon novel — you’d said it was Egyptian themed, and I love the idea that there is more of this world out there somewhere.)

    1. Thanks! :)

      This story is not in the same universe, but the setting came about because I was doing so much research on Ancient Egypt. I originally just had an idea of a society that recreated a tragic event each year and then wondered what kind of culture would be likely to come up with such a thing. Though Egyptians are not as obsessed with death as they seem, they did devote a lot of thought and philosophy to it. And the thing about there being a ba (and ka) and sheut are all right from their beliefs.

  2. Loved it. I was moved with your invocation of something so close, but yet so far away from us still.

  3. You realise I can’t get rid of the image of you doing the snoopy happy dance now? But I liked the story a lot, particularly the way you use the names to fill in the cultural backgrounds and the cultural backgrounds to fill in the world and so make what was a neat idea to start with into something rich and deep. Mmmmmm.

  4. (Hope this isn’t going to be a doublepost — something weird happened the first time I tried.)

    This was really incredible. You just rocked that format — it felt like a real news article, not shoehorned plot in a fake one, and the way that you dealt with all the different sides! My favorite line was probably the privacy of grief bit, but seriously, this is just all good. *bookmarks*

  5. That was incredible. I feel like a lot of the time stories in that format come off as faked for the sake of the plot, but this felt natural — and, you know, heartbreaking. *bookmarks*

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