Couple of Mentions for Until Forgiveness Comes

IROSF had this to say about the story:

If you want to posit a distinction between a fiction and a story, this one is a fiction. The events of the story, or the several stories, that lie in the background of this scene must be inferred by the reader. Nor is it clear even to the participants just how the ghosts are invoked, or what sort of presence they have there. None of this really matters in this piece, where the point is the presence of the observers and the different reason that each of them have for coming to confront their ghosts, or not.

Also, Willow Fagan (whose artist spotlight is up today and you should def. check it out) mentioned it on his blog.

At the beginning of this story, I thought the use of the style and format of a public radio show was clever and interesting.  By the end, I was very moved.

That’s what I was going for :)



My story is coming out over at Strange Horizons next week.  Up until a week ago I was being very mellow about it.  But now that it’s so close, I want it to be up NOW OMG!  I’m impatient.

You would think I’d be used to this by now, as I have stories coming out in other markets that won’t see the light of day for months, maybe even a year.  I have no particular problem with that (especially as in one case I knew upfront it would be a long while), but it makes me do the little ‘I have to pee’ dance in my head.  Wait, the: ‘I have to see my fiction published NOW’ dance.

Ah well, I’ll get over it.

…omg 5 more days.

Strange Horizons Fundraiser

No even though I recently sold a story to Strange Horizons, I somehow forgot to mention that they are in the midst of a fundraiser.  So I shall mention it now.

Strange Horizons is one of the awesomest genre magazines around today.  They publish great fiction, they have an editorial vision and philosophy that appeal to me as a reader and a writer, and they make it all happen with donations from the community.

I think you should donate!  The money you give supports fiction, non-fiction, and a group of editors who strongly believe in presenting a diversity of voices in the genre.

You can donate any amount you want, but if you’re the type who enjoys getting stuff at different membership levels, SH has that, too.  $25 will get you a membership card (designed by Jeremy Tolbert, who is awesome), $50, $100, $250, and $500 will get you other, cooler stuff.  Go check it out.

Then donate!

I Have Not Yet Stopped Doing The Happy Snoopy Dance

I Have Not Yet Stopped Doing The Happy Snoopy Dance

A bit of most excellent news — yesterday I found out that Strange Horizons will publish my story Until Forgiveness Comes!  Yay!  SH is one of my favorite magazines and a market I really, really wanted to crack.  And that story is, I believe, one of the best I’ve ever written.

Apparently SH sent out a bunch of acceptances yesterday as I saw at least one mentioned on my flist and my fellow Altered Fluidian, Kris Dikeman, also got one.  I’m pretty sure AF is taking over markets one by one, as three or four of us have something coming up in Electric Velocipede as well.

I should also say that the story benefited tremendously from critiques from both Altered Fluid and, later, the Black Beans (who took a look at the revision I did for SH, mentioned here).  Big thanks, y’all :)

My story will come out in late 2008/early 2009, and I’ll definitely make mention when it does.  And next month my Podcastle story comes out.  Lots to look forward to.