Strange Horizons Fundraiser

No even though I recently sold a story to Strange Horizons, I somehow forgot to mention that they are in the midst of a fundraiser.  So I shall mention it now.

Strange Horizons is one of the awesomest genre magazines around today.  They publish great fiction, they have an editorial vision and philosophy that appeal to me as a reader and a writer, and they make it all happen with donations from the community.

I think you should donate!  The money you give supports fiction, non-fiction, and a group of editors who strongly believe in presenting a diversity of voices in the genre.

You can donate any amount you want, but if you’re the type who enjoys getting stuff at different membership levels, SH has that, too.  $25 will get you a membership card (designed by Jeremy Tolbert, who is awesome), $50, $100, $250, and $500 will get you other, cooler stuff.  Go check it out.

Then donate!