8 thoughts on “Name Your Favorite Non-Amazon Bookstore

  1. While I realize that the intention is to promote indie booksellers, self-interest (in the form of a desire for continued paychecks, which would be made possible by the company I work for remaining in business) leads me to suggest Borders.com.

    (I like my paychecks. True, I wish they were bigger, but nowadays the fact that I get them at all makes me happy.)

  2. I recently discovered Word, in Brooklyn (www.wordbrooklyn.com), and it’s completely fabulous. Tiny little story, but packed full of awesome books, and they do great community events.

  3. Since many of my favorite indies are now closed (including the one I used to work for), my list is short but mighty:

    Pegasus and Pendragon Books. Pegasus is in Berkeley, Pendragon is in Oakland.

    Diesel, A Bookstore

    De Lauer’s Super Newsstand (on Broadway) in Oakland. Open 24 hours a day. Not as robust as in years past and it’s a little more scruffy but periodically when I’m just coming off of BART and I absolutely need something to read, chances are I can at least get a magazine. It’s also my favorite place to pick up military fiction.

  4. If people are looking for an online bookstore that’s got an easily searchable inventory that will ship books within the US (Don’t know about int’l), there’s always Powells in Portland, Oregon. powells.com will ship any order over $50 for free, and I’ve always had very good luck with their used book section. (I picked up a copy of Amy Lowell’s collected poems there when I couldn’t find it anywhere else.)

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