Originality 22: I Am Hugely Motivated by Spite with Kelly Sue DeConnick

Originality 22: “I Am Hugely Motivated by Spite” with Kelly Sue DeConnick

For this episode I got to interview Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of the Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly comics, among many others. We talked a good deal about collaboration, especially in the world of comics, but my favorite bits are where she talks about the creative tools she learned while working in television and how she brought them over to her comics process. And, as the title indicates, we talked about how spite can be a good motivator for creating amazing art. Aleen and I had a great conversation around these and other aspects of the interview, and you should listen to the episode to hear it all :)

You can listen to the podcast below orĀ on the episode page where you can see the show notes. Comments are always welcome!



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