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  1. “I am so angry at what happened to Donna! It’s just so fucked up in so many ways. I mean the inconsistences with Rose/Time Vortex and human-hybrid/Doctor, the non-consensual brain-wiping, that she was just starting to belief in herself when she was put back into a world she hated.”

    After I finished wiping a few tears away at the very emotional ending I just ended up angry at what happened to Donna. It’s like women are never allowed to have knowledge in the Whoniverse. If they have it, it’s taken away. I’m writing a longer essay on this phenomenon.

  2. The more I think about Donna, the more upset I am–but that’s more of a pet peeve of mine over BS fantasy where someone saves the world but isn’t allowed to remember it. And if you recall the terror in Donna’s face when she realized he was going to wipe her memory and send her back, it’s all the more chilling. It’s just like my fear of dementia and memory loss–he killed her just as surely as if he’d just let her burn out, but didn’t give her the chance to die with her memories of their time together.

    I didn’t quite buy the whole leaving the human Doctor with Rose thing, but it sure was convenient for the two of them. I do however like the implication that the Doctor finally gives Rose up completely, essentially leaving her with another man, which surely must tear him up. Sure, he’s himself, yeah, but I don’t know about banishing them to a parallel universe for killing the Daleks and all that. And can you imagine Rose’s reaction when she realizes, soon I’ll bet, that this Doctor has more than a little Donna Noble mixed in there? Not quite the same Doctor at all. Even if he does have nice hair.

    I don’t really begrudge RTD what he did with the whole mess, because it’s got me thinking, and the questionable morals and repercussions are certainly interesting. And hey, even Torchwood didn’t suck, and I loved having the Doctor’s “children of time” all there. I mean, it was pretty freaking epic. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I wasn’t hooked, and that the choices made by and for the characters didn’t affect me. As I think about the plot holes and the problems with canon, I’ll probably be much less satisfied.

  3. I am so angry at what happened to Donna! It’s just so fucked up in so many ways. I mean the inconsistences with Rose/Time Vortex and human-hybrid/Doctor, the non-consensual brain-wiping, that she was just starting to belief in herself when she was put back into a world she hated.

    I will say that I loved the confrontation with Davros when he pointed out that all the Doctor’s “children” were murderers. And also Mickey and Martha walking off with Jack at the end to join Torchwood (fingers crossed) made me supremely happy.

  4. Eeeek, it’s a threadjacking! But it’s important: I don’t know if you haven’t been getting any e-mail this past week, or haven’t been able to check for new mail, but since I haven’t heard back, come in to the office Monday morning or phone me *at work* to set a time to come in and we can finish the I-9. Don’t just leave a message on the home machine–you know that’s never been a good way to reach me :D Thanks! Let me know you read this! I now return this thread to your regularly scheduled Dr Who commentary. I guess I should go watch some Who now….

  5. People are not interchangeable. Another doctor isn’t The Doctor. So Rose and Another Doctor are unlikely to grow old happily together – he’ll be all “you’re thinking about Him, aren’t you” and she’ll be all “without a Tardis you’re nothing, baldie”

    And if Donna didn’t get her brain wiped, what would have happened? Would she have died or would the universe have blown up. Because she in no way consented to what was done to her – would she rather have died enhanced (but still herself)? It was her right to choose.

    1. yeah, I’m less happy about the two doctors thing this morning than I was yesterday. And that “you’re thinking about him” thing is right out of fanfiction! And completely true. I don’t envy people who read Whofic and have the deluge of stories about THAT ahead of them. But like we said last night, Rose is a big ol Mary Sue for RTD, it seems, and while it was really poignant to have her trapped on a parallel world forever without the Doctor, he just could not let it stand like that. He wanted her to have a happy ending with her Doctor, but still have the Doctor in “our” universe. How else to explain why Donna had to “die” yet the human Doctor lived?

  6. That was a farce. In which he destroyed many good things, raised many bad questions about the facts of the Whoiverse, and, frankly, spooged fanfic nonsense all over my television. Tears? I’m so angry I could shed a few of those, yeah.

    1. I cried for Donna. I’m so upset about how things turned out for her I can’t tell you. It pisses me off. Rose absorbs the fucking time vortex ad all she needs is a kiss to make it better. Donna gets a bit of his mind jabbed in there and suddenly it’s all “I have to wipe your mind completely or you’ll blow up”. Blah. RTD doesn’t have the balls to follow through on actually killing someone, so he gives us this crazy bullshit instead.

      1. Heh… I was apparently so angry I got my own name wrong up there! Check my Livejournal for a spoiler-full rant on what was wrong with the episode. -_-

      2. Ohh man, so I just about an hour ago finished watching this season..and now…Oh god. My soul…hurts. BUT, okay, the more I think about this, I am convinced Donna’s story doesn’t end this way…if only because there’s sooo very much Who left. And also…so, Doctor Who is all about change…especially for the Companions..so to leave Donna just as she was when we first met her…it doesn’t really seem true to the show, to me. (Therefore, I’m convincing myself that they will come back and fix this. *nods*)

  7. I’ll bite. (Yes, spoilers following:)

    I wasn’t unhappy with it, though I think there were some wasted opportunities. I’d been in a speculation thread where someone guessed the very ending–down to which doctor ending where with whom. I just wish the doctors could have been switched, bad-ass doctor could go on to Steven Moffat’s episodes (SM’s doctor is such a Casanova anyway), while tragic doctor retires with the Tyler family. And a TARDIS for each universe. But oh well.

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