More help for Clarion West (of a different sort)

Just found out yesterday that someone broke into the Clarion West sorority house and stole 4 laptops, some clothing, and other stuff. Apparently they broke a window and grabbed everything they could. There are many times I wish I had the power to send down lightning on someone, and this is one of them. If this had happened to me at my Clarion I would have been just devastated. I also could not have afforded to replace the laptop. This is the situation 4 students find themselves in now.

They have temporary computers, I hear, but will definitely need some replacements. Clarion West is collecting donations toward that end. I know many of you have pledged or donated for the write-a-thon and may not be able to spare anything. But if you can, please do. Having a laptop stolen, no matter who you are, is heartbreaking. But when you’re a writer and your laptop is your livelihood, it’s indescribably horrid.

If you can, please donate here (be sure to put in the notes that this is for laptop replacement and not the general fund) and contact the workshop admins at info -at- if you can help by donating/selling at low cost a spare laptop. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “More help for Clarion West (of a different sort)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this, Tempest.

    There was some data lost that was not backed up, sadly enough. BUT everyone is bucking up and moving forward. The support from the SFF community has been amazing, and we are truly touched.

    The SFF community will definitely benefit from this. My mind is blown at the quality of story everyone has turned in for their first submissions. The buzz around the community has been what an amazingly strong class this is. I believe it, reading my classmates.

  2. I really feel for them. I know I would have been devastated if this had happened to me. It’s tough enough writing your heart out for 6 weeks without a loss like this in the middle of it.

    1. I don’t have the heart to ask if they backed up all their stuff…. because if I find out not, I will feel bad for weeks. I can’t imagine, omg.

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