Speaking of WisCon

I finally have parts for my button machine again and so I am willing to take orders/suggestions for buttons.  I’m even going to buy some color paper today to make the buttons stand out!  Exciting.

If you would like a button or some buttons, all you have to do is tell me what you’d like it/them to say in the comments.  Leave a real email so I can send you proofs.  You can pay me for them at WisCon.  ($1.50 each, a steal!)

I’m already making buttons that say “Get Punk Or Go Home” and also some of the phrases from this discussion.  I would do t-shirts, too, since I have a Zazzle account.  But the problem is that I am not so awesome with the t-shirt design skills.  I can do some text and all, but really making it POP?  I’m not so good at that.  But if anyone wants to design some shirts, too, I’m willing to put them on Zazzle and stuff.  As long as it’s by the middle of next week, WisCon is soon!

2 thoughts on “Speaking of WisCon

  1. Is “This is what a mentally ill person looks like” too long for a button?

    Or “This is what an insane person looks like?”

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