Support Electric Velocipede

Support Electric Velocipede

Electric Velocipede is an awesome, awesome zine that publishes a lot of great stories.  The next issue will have one of mine, so you know it’s fabulous. The editor, John Klima, recently put out a request for help. The money he was going to put toward his publishing debt now has to go to his family (which now includes a cute new baby!) and he’s selling some EV-related items in order to raise money to eliminate that debt.. One can donate directly, or you can buy some back issues of EV, or you can buy some chapbooks, or you can buy some t-shirts! The t-shirts are super cool, and an excellent way to contribute to fundraising and let people know about EV at the same time.

Beyond the fact that John is my friend and I am in EV, I think that this zine is worth supporting on its own merits.  John is a great editor and he is committed to publishing diverse and fabulous authors. I could go on and on, but really all I can say is:

Support Electric Velocipede

You know you want to be one of the cool kids:

Tempest says read Electric Velocipede or she will come to your house and smack you around.

Need more proof?  Check out what’s under the cut:

Buy some shirts, buy some zines, buy some books. Please support Electric Velocipede. Or.. well, you know.

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