WisCon POC Meetup?

Because I have been disconnected from most of the blogosphere due to my intense (yet awesome) job, I have no idea if anyone is coordinating a mass POC meetup thing similar to what we had last year. I would be very happy to organize such a thing if no one else is doing so, but given that people liked it so much last year it would not surprise me one ounce if there was already something in the works. (And, if there is, someone let me know. I shall be there!)

6 thoughts on “WisCon POC Meetup?

  1. Well, it looks like there’s definite interest here. Question is timing. Did we want to do something on Friday? That might be the best time to put something together, and I vaguely recall that was when it took place lasts year.

    (Not that I’m volunteering myself to be organizer or anything…;-) )

  2. First-time WisCon attendee here, and a WoC. As a newcomer I’m not aware of any meetup plan, but would like to meet up and chat with other PoC. Not sure what I could do to help get the word out, but I’m willing to try.

  3. Same here. I’m all for it. Didn’t attend the one last year because I didn’t know about it, plus I was only around for one day. Would this be an informal type of gathering?

  4. I would love to have some sort of meetup, but I haven’t seen anything yet, nor am I the best person to try and organize.

  5. I would totally be down for hanging out with other PoC at WisCon! I’ve not seen anything else in the works (maybe I’m reading different circles) but I would be on board.

  6. i don’t know about a meetup, but i do know there is safer space set aside. (and it’s not in a party room, either. some mistakes we only have to make once. [sigh])

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