Merry Month of May

At WisCon I was able to quietly sneak away with a copy of the latest Electric Velocipede (issue 17/18!). I was super excited to see it because my story Enmity is contained within. There are also stories by many friends of mine, including two other Altered Fluidians: Mercurio D. Rivera and Matthew Kressel.

I saw John Klima during his brief appearance and got to hug him a lot. Then on Sunday I wore The Shirt. You know, this shirt:

I have it on good authority that The Shirt moved many copies of the zine. (Also, if you are a fan of EV or of shirts or of me, you can get The Shirt on Zazzle and support the zine in the process.)

This May has been especially awesome for me because I had stories in a book and two zines come out this month. Federations, Sybil’s Garage 6, and Electric Velocipede 17/18 — and all of them were available in the dealer’s room. There were also many copies of the Interfictions anthology and all three WisCon Chronicles! I’m in each, and the newest one is especially spiffy with a fantastic cover. Liz Herny is a goddess.

I was feeling very fancy having so many things in the room with my stories and essays in, so I took pictures:

WisCon 33 Dealer's Room of Me - Federations WisCon 33 Dealer's Room of Me - Sybil's Garage

WisCon 33 Dealer's Room of Me - Electric Velocipede

WisCon 33 Dealer's Room of Me - The WisCon Chronicles WisCon 33 Dealer's Room of Me - Interfictions

So I encourage you to order your copy of Sybil’s Garage if I didn’t force it ony ou at WisCon, to buy Federations and WisCon Chronicles vol. 3, to check the Electric Velocipede blog to see when the latest issue will be available for ordering (the copies at WisCon were special advance ones — contributors and subscribers should get theirs soon), and to read, read, read, not just my stories, but all the fabulous stuff in these offerings. May 2009 is a month of awesomeness.

6 thoughts on “Merry Month of May

  1. I didn’t get a chance to get Sibyl’s Garage or Federations, but I did get Interfictions and the issue of Electric Velocipede you mentioned. I’ll make sure to get the rest to complete the set that you mentioned at the Was it Good For You? panel. :) I’m excited!

  2. Also, I’m going to have to have a shirt that threatens people with you smacking them around. Dammit, Tempest, I am trying to break my t-shirt addiction.

  3. Oh my Lord my face. I swear I am way more excited by the Federations antho than that face might indicate. :D And I am very happy with all the books you sold me.

  4. I’m buying that shirt to further mess with the heads of people who think I’m you. And support the zine.

  5. Lol, I want that shirt now. And that’s popelizbet and s00j in the first picture, yay! And I totally bought Federations and Interfictions, and utterly failed to get you to sign them. Next time! Or, are you going to Worldcon?

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